Monday, May 25, 2009

The Never Ending Roofing!

Well Larry took two weeks off work to replace our roof. He worked on it by himself for 4 days and got all the shingles off and got the back side of the kitchen done before his brother Jon showed up. Well Jon has been here since is now Tuesday and the roof is still not done! I was thinking once Jon got here it would be done in no time! Well I couldn't have been more wrong! Between the really hot weather and them coming in every two hours to eat and making me run to the building supply store everyday for something that they forgot! Our house is 160 years old, the roof boards are big planks that were in pretty rough shape so Larry had to covered them with ply wood first. Here is the progress so far!

$400 dollar Trampoline Ruined in less than 2 minutes!!!

I was in the house making lasagna for supper, Paige was outside bouncing on the trampoline with Caleb and Larry and his brother John were on the roof working (that is a whole other post for later) After getting after Kristen for 15 minutes to hang out the laundry on the line it started to cloud over and the wind picked up a bit...nothing big right....well Kristen looked out the window and said it is starting to rain...then all of a sudden out of nowhere the wind starting blowing HARD! Then there were screams outside so I ran the time it took me to get out there it was over! What it was I do not know but Paige told me that it started to sprinkle so her and Caleb got off the trampoline and sat underneith it, Jon and Larry scurried off the roof and ran for the barn well as Jon was running across the yard to the barn the trampoline went airborne and flew across the yard almosting hitting him!!! It bounced off the car and landed on the other side near the small barn upside down!!! The picture I took far away is where the trampoline use to be, held down with concrete blocks too! It hit the car hard and left a few good dings...we flipped it right side up to see how bad the damage is toast! And the last picture is literally 10 minutes later...clear and sunny like nothing happened! I am so thankful that Paige had sense to get herself and Caleb off the trampoline!! It definately would have been a trip to the hospital for sure! It is a huge 14 ft trampoline and it was picked up tossed like it was nothing! Then after I took pictures I picked up all the laundry that was struin around the yard!