Friday, August 21, 2009


We have done a couple swap within the group WSOAPP but this time was a little different. We knew who we were sending to but we didn't know who was sending to us, so it was a surprise to see what you got and from whom! Well the deadline to get our packages out is today...mine is being packed up this morning...nothing like waiting till the last minute!! (Shame on me!) Well in our group forum there was a discussion thread where everyone was giving an update on where they were at at getting their package out and Pam of Back in the Day Primitives said that she mailed hers last week and that it had a LONG way to go so I KNEW that she got stuck with me! LOL I say that because shipping to me isn't the cheapest and I always feel bad for the person that gets stuck sending gifts to me.

Yesterday I read that post and sure enough I got a parcel pick up note in the mail later that day! I had to wait till after supper to go get it because we don't live in town and I was going to a Pampered Chef party at 7pm so I waited instead of making two trips off the mountain. I killed me though! As always I was running behind so I ran to pick up my parcel real quick (I was right it was from Pam!!), hit the bank machine and landed at my friend Janice's with this HUGE box! It was 6:55 at this point and I walked right in the house with the box, went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, apologized to the host of the pampered chef party and said that I couldn't wait to see what was in the box, and proceeded to open my goodies right in the middle of the party!!! Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting to see what I got! It was just like Christmas!! :o) I got the sweetest Annie doll that has tons of details on her, a welcome plate that hangs with sheep and a willow tree painted on it and a tin punched willow tree wax warmer that lights up with a big bag of cinnamon bun wax crumbles!!! One of the girls grabbed the bag and just sat there smelling it for the longest time, she was in heaven. Then I had to pry it out of her hands and pack everything up so Angie could start the Pampered Chef party!!

Thank you soo much Pam!!!! I absolutely love, love, love it all!! Everything is already put in its new home and looks fabulous!