Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Winner IS.......

Well I have not dropped off the face of the earth...if you were wondering! I have been very busy the last few months doing local craft shows and making things for the store. I have been in crafty mode with no time for creativity! :o( I hope in the new year that I will have more time to play around. For now I am trying to get ready for Christmas and complete a half a dozen orders that I have left to do.

I have a winner for my giveaway on my WSOAPP market place. I am a day late annoucing the winner because we were without power on the 10th! I did the draw first thing this morning. I took a video of my daughter drawing the name. (She was still in her was cancelled today).

Congratulations to Linda Tellier! She is the winner my little snowman!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Olivia and her Pumpkin Suit

I have not been on here in awhile...sorry! I just wanted to post a picture of my last doll that sold on E-Bay! Her name is Olivia and she just won first prize in her class for her pumpkin outfit! She was won by Ann of Crowing About Primitives! I was honored that she bid on her...she is a very talented doll maker!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hi, Thank you for popping in! I just came on real quick to show you my new listing that is going on tonight. She is a cute Annie that I made from a pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Flower, Little Girl

HI, just a little update to let you know about my current listing on E-Bay. She is inspired by a painting by Diane of Duda Daze. She does amazing work! Summer will end on Sunday night (June 22) at around 9:30pm est.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day is EXPENSIVE!!

I just go back from picking up Larry's Father's Day present and dropping off a few things at Sandra's.
Well I must go and get to work on my listing that I HAVE to get listed tonight for our group launch for WSOAPP. And get cracking on a few more. Here is a picture of my lastest that I dropped off to Sandra's today! I loved how they turned out. The roosters are made from a pattern from Patchwork Patty Primitives!

Monday, June 2, 2008

I am still alive!

It has been nuts for me and I haven't had anytime to come on here and post anything new. It hasn't been very exciting but busy. I had a yardsale last weekend and parted with my antique galvanized tin clawfoot tub with the original oak rim still intacted! :o( You know the ones you see in the old western movies with the cowboy outside in the tub with a drink in one hand soaking away! :o) I was sad to see it go but I know the lady that bought it will put it to good use!

I am posting a picture of my basket of apples I made for Sandra's. I absolutely loved how they turned out. I made them from a pattern from Tennessee Ridge Primitives. They were sold the moment I walk through the door. I am in the midst of making another set for next week! I might actually break down and make some for myself...I never keep anything that I make...unless of course it does not turn out the way I wanted! :o( I must go get supper ready!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Listed This Week on E-Bay!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I got breakfast in bed, then I dragged myself outta bed to finish Abagail for Sunday night on E-Bay! I finally got her finished...It has been a busy week and none of it included making dolls. :o( Oh and in the afternoon I was outside and my DH Larry came trapsing out of the barn carry a shovel. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY he said all proud of himself! A shovel? It is not just any shovel he is an edging shovel for your flower beds! :o) I always get the practical gifts! :o) I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it...(and no it will not be by beating him over the head with it! LOL) that is of course if it ever warms up here! It has been freezing cold and the wind has been brutal. We are still lighting fires and have started burning next years wood!! I hope it warms up soon so I can get out and play in my gardens. Well must go for now and get the laundry folded, how exciting I know! :o(

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another auction item

Well today I took stuff to Sandra's. Four things sold while I was there! I am very happy! Sandra told me that she was really going to find me my own space!! So hopefully by next month I will have my own little nook! The doll I planned on listing tonight is giving me grief! Well not the doll herself just what she is suppose to be holding did not turn out the way I had hoped so I have to make it again, only different! So in the mean time I listed my Sweet Uglee Sisters and Sadie & Jynx, two of my favorite patterns.
I am posting a picture of my laundry is not completely finished but it was clean enough to take a picture of today so I thought this would be a good time as any because who knows if it will evern look that neat again! The divider in the corner is also another thing I got at the auction on Saturday!! I hides the big blue litter box very well!! Now I just have to get rid of the big blue plastic laundry bucket I have now with something a little more appropriate! I am going to go clean off my sewing table so I can actually get some work done tomorrow!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a BUSY Week!!

Well my attempts to keep up my blog have not been very successful! :o( I haven't been on here all week! I have been making my new listing for E-Bay tonight and trying to get a few things done for Sandra's. I am listing Cloe tonight on E-Bay! She turned out too cute, I think! :o) She is bummed...she knows that she is going to be in trouble when she gets home. Her mother is not going to be very happy when she sees the hole in her new pair of stockings! Her mother told her not to play outside in her good clothes...but did she listen...NO! :o(

I took 3 things to Sandra's this afternoon. They were all sold within 5 minutes! :o) I had two ladies want the same doll so I offered to make her again for the other lady. If only there were more hours in the day! I worked my butt off all week and I still can not keep up with stuff to put in the store! I guess that is a good thing...I will never have enough stuff to get my own shelf though! Well I must get off this and work on my listing for tonight.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


NOT REALLY but I am pretty excited about this and I tell all my friends that they are getting this framed for Christmas! They all just laughed! I have been trying to get a spot in this store for over six months. It is THE store around here for local crafters and once someone gets a spot in her store no one leaves!! So I was put on a waiting list for a spot...and I waited...and finally I took down a couple of things for her to see and she loved them and told me that she would find room here and there for my things till a shelf became available! Well I was tickled pink! Then a couple of days later I got a phone call from the owner of the Coffee News (which is like a flyer with light reading in it. It is in restaurants, coffee shops, doctor's offices etc. It has a publication of 18,000) and asked if he could have a picture of my bunny in the basket because Brenda loved him so much that she wanted to feature him in her ad!!! SO here it is!!! That is my exciting news for this week! :o) Oh I almost forgot, the bunny in the basket is made from a pattern from Tonya at Back Porch Pickins!

Friday, March 28, 2008


It is late but I just had to download these pictures off my camera and crop them to show you all this! My son is 2 1/2 and he just got out of the tub from his bath and Larry was on the phone talking to his father. Well Caleb just had to talk to PopPop! So Philip (pop pop) was talking away to him on speaker phone and he asked him about something and Caleb got up and ran right over and picked up a car and held it front of the phone and would look right into the call display part to see if he could see him!!! It was so cute...he thought that Phil could actually see all the things he held up to the phone! He hauled out every dinky car and whatever else he could find in his toy closet to show his pop pop! It was too funny! We were all in stitches laughing. I cropped all the pictures as much as I could...most of them I had to cut him out almost completely but I just wanted you to see all the cars that he so proudly showed off to his grampy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am a Slacker today!

I have no ambition today! I played trains with my son all morning and in the afternoon I packed up one of my dolls to be shipped out and made a card to go with and that was about it! I never once sat down at my sewing table! My husband came home from work early and told me that he was taking me out to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date! He even reserved the table we sat at on that date! I didn't even remember which one that was...he remembers everything! I was wonderful to get out and have dinner and talk. We very rarely get out together unless you classify a trip to the grocery store a know the sad part is we do. I am posting a couple of pics of my latest dolls. Well I guess it is only going to be one picture today...I forgot Larry cleaned out all the pictures off the computer and put them on CD...and I haven't the slightest clue in what safe place he put that! :o( This one I have been working on for quit awhile...I am one of those people that have ten things on the go and nothing finished...I have tried to start one thing and finish it before moving on to the next but I find I work better if I can jump from one thing to the next then I can work on what I am in the mood to work on and not force myself to something when really don't want to....I am bad for that! :o( But it works for me! I find that I get more accomplished that way! Well it is after 11 and I am not going to start something now so I am going to pour myself a bath and go to bed! Tomorrow is a new day! :o)

Friday, March 21, 2008

My sewing buddy!!!

I would like you to meet Davis! She is a great cat! I have had her for a little over a year. (I took her away from her owner because she was not taking care of her.) She loves attention but only on her terms! And she never eats anything but dry catfood! She won't even eat a crumb of food off the floor! So it is great I can leave anything out and she will not touch it.

She is always at my feet when I am sewing! No matter where she is in the house if she hears me sit down in the office and turn on the sewing machine she is right there under my feet! I do not know how many times that she has been rubbing up against my legs and flopped herself down right on my sewing foot and the machine has taken off on full speed scaring me half to death!

It has taken me awhile to get this post done (I wanted better pictures) :o( I wanted to do it a few weeks ago but I have come to find out that she really doesn't like her picture being taken! I got the first one of her under the table where she always is and as soon as she realized what I was doing she took off under Larry's desk....So the next shot is of her being all like " Don't be taking a picture of ME!" Then she finally turned her head and I got the last shot so you could see how pretty she is...I have tried on several occasions to get a better picture of her...but this is as good as it gets! Prissy little thing she is!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On to the Laundry Room!!

Well I did not get my little girl listed tonight! I DID get her finished but not in time to take pictures outside and the ones I took inside were terrible so I decided to hold off in listing her so that I can take pictures of her to do her justice! :o)

I had big plans for getting a lot done on my dolls this week! The girls are home for March Break so I thought I would have it made and have tons of time to get stuff done....boy was I wrong!!! This has been my house for the last three days....

How many of you have a husband that insists that he bring every power tool know to man in the house to get anything done??!! Try cooking a pot pie in this mess!!! I don't know how many times I tripped over him bent over the chop saw while I was trying to make dinner! I only had to put up with that for 2 days in my kitchen!

BUT I guess I can not complain too much because the trim and baseboards are up in my laundryroom! My oldest is painting it right now! She has been priming and taping for the last two days and I told her she could put on the first coat of ORANGE!!!! ......WELL let me tell you it better darken up with the second coat or Larry will never let me live down this paint choice!!! MAN IS SHE BRIGHT!!! :o( Thank goodness I didn't paint my kitchen this color like I had soo desparately wanted! I would have been living in a cave! I actually have COLOR in my house I am soo excited!!! I will post pictures when it is done....should be in a week or two at the rate I am going! No it has to be sooner than that! I NEED to do laundry! :o(

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What I have been working on!

I have been making a few things for a local craft store this week! I met this lady who loves my work and she told me anytime that I wanted to put something in her booth I was more than welcome! The first picture is of a cute little Annie with crazy pigtails!

This one is made from a pattern from Ragg Bagg Babys. She is to cute...I wonder how many times we actually say "No, No!" to little kids!

I am also working on a bunny in a basket for Easter. I should get back to him! I am almost done. I want to get him finished tonight...that is my GOAL!! :o)

Monday, February 25, 2008

I painted my kitchen today

I live in an 160 farm house that I absolutely love but it needs a ton of work!!! I was told that there is no point in doing anything major in my kitchen because it needs to be torn off and rebuilt from scratch! I could not even list all the things that are wrong with it!! Well that I am told in not going to happen for at least another ten years (it should last that long, he hopes!) But I was not going to live with the black/grey marble looking lino floor and the dusty rose painted paneling for that long! Oh and how could I forget about the big industrial florecent lighting!!

It all started with the kitchen door having to be replaced. We could never lock it because the old skelton key only worked when it wanted to! So when Larry and his brother replaced the door I had Larry convinced the next time his brother came down that he should replace the wall beside the door with sheet rock since they were going to wreck the wall putting in the new door when Jon (his brother) came down Larry told him about replacing that one wall I was standing behind Larry mouthing that all the walls should be replaced!!! Needless to say I got all new walls in my kitchen. That was 6 months ago...they were up and primed just waiting for the molding to go up were the wall meets the ceiling.

I waited and moldings! I have stared at primed walls for way to long so the girls and I painted it today! I wanted a burnt orange color but I was scared that it would darken the kitchen too much because there is not a lot of light in my house. So I am stuck with a basis biege but I am so excited that it is painted I do not care! I am going to paint the trim some time this week and I will have to see if I can find a before pic and take a pick of the newly painted one so you can see!

Well that was my excitement for the day! :o) I best be going to bed, I am beat!

Currently on E-Bay!

This cutie is currently on E-bay! I love the way that he turned out...he is too cute. His name is Sonny and he waited till the last minute to go to the costume rental place to rent a bunny suit for the Easter party for all the young cubs! So he is stuck with this worn old bunny suit that is way too small for him!! :o)

Last two sets of rabbits on E-Bay

I was absolutely thrilled that these two sets went over so well on E-Bay! They were different and I wasn't sure if they were going to do well or not! Well I needless to say I was shocked that they did soo well! Here are pictures of them.

The Ditty Bag Blog!

I was quite thrilled when I received an e-mail from Sam asking me if she could feature me in the Ditty Bag Blog! She created this blog to showcase various artists work in one place. She does a fantastic job and I am honored that she picked me! You should go take a peek

Friday, February 22, 2008

My latest dolls!

Here are a couple of dolls that I have made in the past month!

First there is my girl bunny...I just love her eyelashes!!

Then there was my Annie with her grungy kitties made using a pattern from

Sweet Meadows Farm.

I also made a spring fairy using a pattern from Back Porch Pickins.


How can that be??? I was sure I had one more spool in my sewing box! Nope, none to be found when I went in routing around in it! :o( I then decided that I best be updating my blog!! I have been a slacker in this department! I kept telling myself that I have to take the time to get on here and write something! My life is not very exciting...and I do not have a computer during most of the day. I use my husband's laptop that he uses for work so he takes it everyday. Which is kind of a good thing for me because I tell myself that I am just going to pop on for a quick minute to check something and before you know it an hour has past!! :o( I have decided that I am going to put my blog addy in my about me page on e-bay so I will be more motivated to update on here on a more regular basis....I promise more that once a month! :o)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday's are my day off!

Hi, I think that I am getting the hang of putting stuff on here now! It is quiet fun actually! I would like to say thank you to Brenda for making me my logo! I just love it! She is a sweety and is always there for everyone in our group! I don't know where she finds the time to actually make dolls, but she does! She is amazing!

Mondays are my clean up the house day! I do not get any housework done on the weekend because I am finishing up a doll, taking pictures and doing listings...who has time to clean?! No matter how many times I tell myself to keep ahead of everything I always seem to be playing catch up!

Here is a picture of my latest creation on E-Bay:

His name is Wilber! He is going out on his first date and he is nervous! He was a hoot to make and I think that his deer caught in the headlights expression is too funny!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to my BLOG!!!


This is my first attempt at a blog so bare with me here! I just wanted to get the basics down and then I will start tweaking it here and there! I am excited to be a member of a new group called Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past ~ WSOAPP ~ Once I figure out the whole link thing I will put in links to our group blog and to our E-Bay listings!