Friday, August 21, 2009


We have done a couple swap within the group WSOAPP but this time was a little different. We knew who we were sending to but we didn't know who was sending to us, so it was a surprise to see what you got and from whom! Well the deadline to get our packages out is today...mine is being packed up this morning...nothing like waiting till the last minute!! (Shame on me!) Well in our group forum there was a discussion thread where everyone was giving an update on where they were at at getting their package out and Pam of Back in the Day Primitives said that she mailed hers last week and that it had a LONG way to go so I KNEW that she got stuck with me! LOL I say that because shipping to me isn't the cheapest and I always feel bad for the person that gets stuck sending gifts to me.

Yesterday I read that post and sure enough I got a parcel pick up note in the mail later that day! I had to wait till after supper to go get it because we don't live in town and I was going to a Pampered Chef party at 7pm so I waited instead of making two trips off the mountain. I killed me though! As always I was running behind so I ran to pick up my parcel real quick (I was right it was from Pam!!), hit the bank machine and landed at my friend Janice's with this HUGE box! It was 6:55 at this point and I walked right in the house with the box, went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, apologized to the host of the pampered chef party and said that I couldn't wait to see what was in the box, and proceeded to open my goodies right in the middle of the party!!! Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting to see what I got! It was just like Christmas!! :o) I got the sweetest Annie doll that has tons of details on her, a welcome plate that hangs with sheep and a willow tree painted on it and a tin punched willow tree wax warmer that lights up with a big bag of cinnamon bun wax crumbles!!! One of the girls grabbed the bag and just sat there smelling it for the longest time, she was in heaven. Then I had to pry it out of her hands and pack everything up so Angie could start the Pampered Chef party!!

Thank you soo much Pam!!!! I absolutely love, love, love it all!! Everything is already put in its new home and looks fabulous!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

WOOL SALE!!! Crowing About Primitives!

Ann of Crowing About Primitives is have a sale on her wool selling blog! The best wool to work with, I LOVE it! The title of this post will take you to her site!
It's that time again..
Starting August 1 I will be having a huge wool sale...
I have put the pay pal button up now
You my purchase but orders will not be going out until August 1...
Don't miss out on this deal...
over paid shipping fees will be refunded...

FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 50.00 or higher

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tall Ships ~ Halifax ~ Parade of Sail

Today we took the boat to Halifax harbour to watch the parade of sail! There were over 40 boats from 14 different countries. The Bounty was there from the movie the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was made in Nova Scotia! And the second largest 4 masted tall ship in the world from Germany! It was huge! It is 376 feet long! The weather was perfect and the ships were amazing.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

FINALLY! I have something listed on E-BAY!!!

Well I finally did it! I have a doll on E-Bay. I figured I better get something on there for our group launch before I got the boot for not participating in any group activities!! I just can not seem to find the time to do on-line and the store. Well I literally spend the last two days just working on the details of her! I spent the last few hours doing up the auction template...once on the wrong Ebay...I started it on .com and when I was almost finished I got to the shipping part and relized I was on the wrong I went under .ca and got all my pictures uploaded and I back spaced too many times and lost them...but now it is finished.

Then theme for the launch is "Whispers Under an Autumn Moon" So I created Penelope. She is a goth girl that can talk to her Raven on the full autumn moon! If you get a chance to check her out the title of this post should take you right to her! :o)

Ok I have been on here for too many hours I must go to bed! :o)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KC Willis Studio Retreat!!

I am a member of KC Willis Collage Camp and she has an amazing on-line class but now she is offering to teach you in person!!!! If I had the means to get there I would but maybe you can! If you live in or around the Colorado area you should check it out. It would be soo much fun! The title post will take you directly to the sign up with more information.
KC says:

"I am just soooo excited about the opportunity to teach in person. Never thought I would do that (and I can't promise I will do it forever) BUT for now I am super-jazzed about it. I want you to come hang with me in my new studio, have dinner with me in the evening and enjoy the unbelievably beautiful area that I call home. I have so much I want to share with you about art and living the artistic life and so much I can learn from you."

As Georgia O'Keeffe said "There is something unexplored about women...that only a woman can explore."
Well I must go I have a lot of orders to do, will post when I get more time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Never Ending Roofing!

Well Larry took two weeks off work to replace our roof. He worked on it by himself for 4 days and got all the shingles off and got the back side of the kitchen done before his brother Jon showed up. Well Jon has been here since is now Tuesday and the roof is still not done! I was thinking once Jon got here it would be done in no time! Well I couldn't have been more wrong! Between the really hot weather and them coming in every two hours to eat and making me run to the building supply store everyday for something that they forgot! Our house is 160 years old, the roof boards are big planks that were in pretty rough shape so Larry had to covered them with ply wood first. Here is the progress so far!

$400 dollar Trampoline Ruined in less than 2 minutes!!!

I was in the house making lasagna for supper, Paige was outside bouncing on the trampoline with Caleb and Larry and his brother John were on the roof working (that is a whole other post for later) After getting after Kristen for 15 minutes to hang out the laundry on the line it started to cloud over and the wind picked up a bit...nothing big right....well Kristen looked out the window and said it is starting to rain...then all of a sudden out of nowhere the wind starting blowing HARD! Then there were screams outside so I ran the time it took me to get out there it was over! What it was I do not know but Paige told me that it started to sprinkle so her and Caleb got off the trampoline and sat underneith it, Jon and Larry scurried off the roof and ran for the barn well as Jon was running across the yard to the barn the trampoline went airborne and flew across the yard almosting hitting him!!! It bounced off the car and landed on the other side near the small barn upside down!!! The picture I took far away is where the trampoline use to be, held down with concrete blocks too! It hit the car hard and left a few good dings...we flipped it right side up to see how bad the damage is toast! And the last picture is literally 10 minutes later...clear and sunny like nothing happened! I am so thankful that Paige had sense to get herself and Caleb off the trampoline!! It definately would have been a trip to the hospital for sure! It is a huge 14 ft trampoline and it was picked up tossed like it was nothing! Then after I took pictures I picked up all the laundry that was struin around the yard!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KC Willis Collage Camp!!!

KC Willis is offering a workshop on the Ning network! Here is what the class is all about!! The title of this post is linked right to her workshop!!

The KC Willis Collage Camp is an extension of my art line called Lipstick Ranch. This art celebrates the women of yesteryear, with a special love and emphasis on the Women of the West. You, of course can use any family image you love or any image in Public Domain. We will go over step-by-step the making of a 16x20 piece. The techniques are such that in the end the work you will make will look old and weathered with luscious layers of fabrics, collages and embellishments.

You join the artist's group here at The Camp when you pay your registration. Once the videos are up you can watch them at your leisure and be involved with the Camp Community as much or as little as you like. You will make friends and you will be inspired by the work that will be done here.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well I have not been on here in a while!!! I didn't realize how long it has been! :o( I took a week off during March Break which was nice! I spent one whole week getting ready for a show that a friend asked me to do. Well that was a complete waste of time...I only sold one thing and gave up going to an auction and car shopping so I could get ready for the show! Live and learn. I will stick to the fall shows from now on! :o)

I have not had time to make a bunch of new things for my WSOAPP update but I do have a couple of little ones to list. I am also the featured artist for the month! It was horrible answering all the questions! I am no good at you can tell from my blog...but I try! :o)

Friday, March 6, 2009


I have my items up on my WSOAPP site! The title of this post will take you directly to my shoppe if you would like to take a quick peek. It is late I have to go to bed, sorry so short! :o(

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~~Woolly Wool Sale~~Crowing About Primitives~~

My bestest on-line friend Ann is having a big wool sale on her selling blog. Click the title of this post to take you directly to her blog! Her wool is amazing and you will not be disappointed! :o)
Well it's time for another Woolly Wool Sale....
I am offering all of my wool on sale...
Please Email me your orders...

Do you want free shipping....
okay please post my Woolly Wool Sale on your blog
and let me know with your order and shipping will be on me...

please note I have marked all wool that will not be returning so if you like this wool get it now before it is gone...

Thank you for your continued support Ann

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It has been a busy week!

I have been going non stop the last week making dolls. I had a couple of my biggest customers come over to see what I had made up for Sandra's. Well they left with most of it! I have a couple of orders to keep me busy for the rest of this week. This Annie is made from a pattern from Sweet Meadow's Farm.
WSOAPP is having a spring fling! There will be lots of goodies in the auction from over 15 members of WSOAPP.
Nothing much else exciting besides making dolls and cleaning my house! We have had two more snow storms since I posted about the last one! I am done with all this snow!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shiloh - My Little Man!!

I checked my e-mail this morning and to my surprise I got new pictures of my "little man"!! My husband has 2 pure bred German Shepherds...(well one now, Jaggar pasted away a couple of months ago). They are not fixed because they are show dogs...well somebody was not watching them close enough when Dakoda was in heat and we had 9 puppies!! Well they were a handful! They all took after their mother except for one! My little man! His personality was his father's through and through! Laid back, mellow, nothing phased him, kind of a loner. I fell right in love with him and if we were to keep any of them it would have been him! This one couple came to look at the puppies and brought a friend along with them. Well he had no intention of getting one but fell right in love with my little man. He said that his wife was not keen on the idea of getting a dog. A week later he called and asked if he could come over again to see him...then a couple of days later he brought his wife...she fell in love too! He just retired and that dog is his life! It is all about the dog, Shiloh goes everywhere that he does!! He gushes like a proud poppa everytime he talks about him! Every once and a while he will send pictures and they bring him by once a year when they come down this way to go camping. He is three now! They grow up soo fast! He is some handsome!!! :o) I will have to dig out the picture of him when he was a puppy!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day! Hope you all got spoiled! I did! My present from my husband was to get up this morning, pack up the car and take Caleb to Moncton! They will not be back till tomorrow afternoon! The best present ever! I am going to finish my coffee and get off this computer and get to work! The only time I have to stop is to heat up leftover lasagna!! :o)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Report Card Day = Poor House for ME!!!

Two years ago when my oldest went from elementry school to middle school her marks dropped. So as an incentive I told her that I would pay her for anything over a 75 to bring them up. It worked great and she brought her marks up, it is all about the money!!! Well Paige started middle school the next year and between the both of them it costs me a pretty penny! This is the first year for exams for Kristen so I had my fingers crossed that she would do well and she did! She is holding an 80 average, she was disappointed over her science mark which brought her average down but she did great in all her other classes! Paige's average is a 93. She came home all excited yesterday because she got a 98 in social studies and Mr. Moore wrote in her report card that she was the top student in his class! She was tickled pink over that! :o) This picture is of them on their first day of school three years ago...they don't let me take a pic of them anymore! :o(

Monday, February 9, 2009


Last night we went visiting friends, it was late and Larry wanted to get home and go to bed so he obviously was not thinking too clearly because he went barrelling down our driveway, which is no big deal on most days. BUT our driveway is a big "U" and one enterance is a lot steeper than the other...and when we pull in the driveway we always pull in the steep one and go out on the not so steep one. I am not quite sure what he was thinking because it is not like this just happened last night but our driveway is a skating rink, literally, and has been for the last 3 weeks!!!

So last night he flew in the driveway and put on his brakes to slow down and turn into the parking spot....nope that didn't happen! He just slide right into the yard/snowbank and got the car hung up and couldn't get it out! So this morning after he spent a good half hour digging out around the car he came inside and asked me to go out in the freezing cold and back the car out while he pushed! As I was sitting there sipping the first couple of sips of coffee thinking do I really want to go out there and freeze my buns off backing out the car that he got I was thinking this in my head he knew exactly what was going through my head and said "If you do not come out and help me get the car unstuck I can not go to the post office and mail your parcel!" Well Stacey I did it for you girl! I grabbed my hat and mittens and a way I went out and braved the bitter cold! Your parcel is on its way to the post office as I type this! :o) AND I went back outside to take pictures. It snowed a bit last night but it is completely covered in ice like the top of the driveway! You can see the tire tracks go in a ways...he had her stuck good!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free Give-away from Crea8tor's Touch

Well Patrick has out did himself again! First he offered a tutorial on how to make his collapsable door greeter, the link to that great class is in my side bar. Now he is having a give away on his blog!! It is THE cutest Hanging Gaurdian Angel Bunny Spinner! His work is amazing and we all wait to see what he comes up with next because it is always so different and unique! Go check it out. The title of this post is linked to his blog. He is drawing for this cute bunny on March 1st! Must go...just finishing my first cup of coffee and I have 3 things that need to be finished before I go take them to the store today!

Friday, February 6, 2009

WSOAPP Update Feb 7th!!

Well the sun is shining today but it is cold! Here is a sneak peek of what I am listing for my WSOAPP marketplace tomorrow! To see the rest come on over and take a peek...just click "here" and it will take you right to my page! Also WSOAPP has their own blog! It is chalked full of fun things to read!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Day Another Snow Storm! :o(

Well the Ground Hog said that there is going to be another six more weeks of winter...I do not know if I will be able to handle much more!!! We had yet another snow storm...the 8th big one so far this winter! We got over a foot of snow. School was cancelled again. My oldest, between exams and school being cancelled, went to school 2 out of a possible 8 days!! :o(
I have all my things ready to list on WSOAPP marketplace for the 7th! I am on the ball this rushing or waiting to the last minute for me! :o) I will keep you posted...maybe even a little sneak peek!
Here are pictures from 4 years ago. It was called White Juan. We had over 2 1/2 feet of snow and winds of over 100km/h! The only reason the road got plowed is because the farmer down the road came through with his tractor....lucky for us that milk truck has to come every day!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Gritty Jane - Cloth and Clay Doll Workshop

Well since it has been forever since I have regularly posted I guess for the next few weeks I will catch you up on a few things that I have been doing. Last year I took Jane's paperclay doll class! I loved working with clay! It was fun to try something new! She has set it up so you can work at your own pace which is great. Here is the doll that I made during the class...needless to say I need more practice! :o)

I have just been informed by my three year old that I must go upstairs and play with Thomas! He is abosolutely in love with trains! It is all about the trains! :o) Will post more soon!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IT'S ME!!!

Well I have been a terrible blogger and I keep saying that I am going to post more often but I haven't. My New Year's resolution was to try and do it all! Oct-Dec were very busy with two craft shows, my booth at Sandra's and Christmas holidays. I have managed for the last month to keep my house clean, actually cook real meals 6 days a week, keep my booth full at Sandra's so now I am going to throw in keeping my blog up to date!!! (Fingers crossed!)

I will be posting some pictures of things that I have done just to show you what I have been up to the last few months. Here is a my sack of prim Annie's! I just love them!