Sunday, June 28, 2009

FINALLY! I have something listed on E-BAY!!!

Well I finally did it! I have a doll on E-Bay. I figured I better get something on there for our group launch before I got the boot for not participating in any group activities!! I just can not seem to find the time to do on-line and the store. Well I literally spend the last two days just working on the details of her! I spent the last few hours doing up the auction template...once on the wrong Ebay...I started it on .com and when I was almost finished I got to the shipping part and relized I was on the wrong I went under .ca and got all my pictures uploaded and I back spaced too many times and lost them...but now it is finished.

Then theme for the launch is "Whispers Under an Autumn Moon" So I created Penelope. She is a goth girl that can talk to her Raven on the full autumn moon! If you get a chance to check her out the title of this post should take you right to her! :o)

Ok I have been on here for too many hours I must go to bed! :o)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KC Willis Studio Retreat!!

I am a member of KC Willis Collage Camp and she has an amazing on-line class but now she is offering to teach you in person!!!! If I had the means to get there I would but maybe you can! If you live in or around the Colorado area you should check it out. It would be soo much fun! The title post will take you directly to the sign up with more information.
KC says:

"I am just soooo excited about the opportunity to teach in person. Never thought I would do that (and I can't promise I will do it forever) BUT for now I am super-jazzed about it. I want you to come hang with me in my new studio, have dinner with me in the evening and enjoy the unbelievably beautiful area that I call home. I have so much I want to share with you about art and living the artistic life and so much I can learn from you."

As Georgia O'Keeffe said "There is something unexplored about women...that only a woman can explore."
Well I must go I have a lot of orders to do, will post when I get more time.