Wednesday, April 8, 2009

KC Willis Collage Camp!!!

KC Willis is offering a workshop on the Ning network! Here is what the class is all about!! The title of this post is linked right to her workshop!!

The KC Willis Collage Camp is an extension of my art line called Lipstick Ranch. This art celebrates the women of yesteryear, with a special love and emphasis on the Women of the West. You, of course can use any family image you love or any image in Public Domain. We will go over step-by-step the making of a 16x20 piece. The techniques are such that in the end the work you will make will look old and weathered with luscious layers of fabrics, collages and embellishments.

You join the artist's group here at The Camp when you pay your registration. Once the videos are up you can watch them at your leisure and be involved with the Camp Community as much or as little as you like. You will make friends and you will be inspired by the work that will be done here.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well I have not been on here in a while!!! I didn't realize how long it has been! :o( I took a week off during March Break which was nice! I spent one whole week getting ready for a show that a friend asked me to do. Well that was a complete waste of time...I only sold one thing and gave up going to an auction and car shopping so I could get ready for the show! Live and learn. I will stick to the fall shows from now on! :o)

I have not had time to make a bunch of new things for my WSOAPP update but I do have a couple of little ones to list. I am also the featured artist for the month! It was horrible answering all the questions! I am no good at you can tell from my blog...but I try! :o)