Monday, February 25, 2008

I painted my kitchen today

I live in an 160 farm house that I absolutely love but it needs a ton of work!!! I was told that there is no point in doing anything major in my kitchen because it needs to be torn off and rebuilt from scratch! I could not even list all the things that are wrong with it!! Well that I am told in not going to happen for at least another ten years (it should last that long, he hopes!) But I was not going to live with the black/grey marble looking lino floor and the dusty rose painted paneling for that long! Oh and how could I forget about the big industrial florecent lighting!!

It all started with the kitchen door having to be replaced. We could never lock it because the old skelton key only worked when it wanted to! So when Larry and his brother replaced the door I had Larry convinced the next time his brother came down that he should replace the wall beside the door with sheet rock since they were going to wreck the wall putting in the new door when Jon (his brother) came down Larry told him about replacing that one wall I was standing behind Larry mouthing that all the walls should be replaced!!! Needless to say I got all new walls in my kitchen. That was 6 months ago...they were up and primed just waiting for the molding to go up were the wall meets the ceiling.

I waited and moldings! I have stared at primed walls for way to long so the girls and I painted it today! I wanted a burnt orange color but I was scared that it would darken the kitchen too much because there is not a lot of light in my house. So I am stuck with a basis biege but I am so excited that it is painted I do not care! I am going to paint the trim some time this week and I will have to see if I can find a before pic and take a pick of the newly painted one so you can see!

Well that was my excitement for the day! :o) I best be going to bed, I am beat!

Currently on E-Bay!

This cutie is currently on E-bay! I love the way that he turned out...he is too cute. His name is Sonny and he waited till the last minute to go to the costume rental place to rent a bunny suit for the Easter party for all the young cubs! So he is stuck with this worn old bunny suit that is way too small for him!! :o)

Last two sets of rabbits on E-Bay

I was absolutely thrilled that these two sets went over so well on E-Bay! They were different and I wasn't sure if they were going to do well or not! Well I needless to say I was shocked that they did soo well! Here are pictures of them.

The Ditty Bag Blog!

I was quite thrilled when I received an e-mail from Sam asking me if she could feature me in the Ditty Bag Blog! She created this blog to showcase various artists work in one place. She does a fantastic job and I am honored that she picked me! You should go take a peek

Friday, February 22, 2008

My latest dolls!

Here are a couple of dolls that I have made in the past month!

First there is my girl bunny...I just love her eyelashes!!

Then there was my Annie with her grungy kitties made using a pattern from

Sweet Meadows Farm.

I also made a spring fairy using a pattern from Back Porch Pickins.


How can that be??? I was sure I had one more spool in my sewing box! Nope, none to be found when I went in routing around in it! :o( I then decided that I best be updating my blog!! I have been a slacker in this department! I kept telling myself that I have to take the time to get on here and write something! My life is not very exciting...and I do not have a computer during most of the day. I use my husband's laptop that he uses for work so he takes it everyday. Which is kind of a good thing for me because I tell myself that I am just going to pop on for a quick minute to check something and before you know it an hour has past!! :o( I have decided that I am going to put my blog addy in my about me page on e-bay so I will be more motivated to update on here on a more regular basis....I promise more that once a month! :o)